The Buddha in the Attic

On the boat we carried with us in our trunks all the things we would need for our new lives: white silk kimonos for our wedding night, colorful cotton kimonos for everyday wear, plain cotton kimonos for when we grew old…

Last time I weThe Buddha in the Attic covernt to the public library I casually picked up, as I actually do most of the times, this little jewel. It was kindly displayed on a small table, below a window, full of books the librarian promised me were fresh readings. I was sceptical about it being able to help me survive this year’s Italian summer (36 °C right now), but it proved itself exceptional, and was capable, during the time reading it and for several days letters, of inverting the melting process of my body and brains on the living room sofa. If you too are looking for something fresh, try this out! However, if you live in Italy you should look for a novel called “Venivamo tutte per mare” – We came through the sea – which is something I’ll discuss later on, in this post. Continue reading


First destination: Interwar America

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