Cruises in Literature

Since you went out of your way just to know more about me or this blog, I suppose I should say something. Introducing myself is one of the social situations I find the hardest (dancing and singing still put me in a greater difficulty).  I’m a Nigerian boy who moved to Italy in 1999, and have since then been studying, reading and hacking (n the literal sense) my computers. I did lots of other things too, for shorter periods of my life; activities or hobbies I like to consider “in pause” even though I interrupted some of them many years ago.

The studies are going on, and have nothing to do with this blog, because I’m an undergraduate math student at the University of Pavia. What about reading and hacking? I decided to combine the results of both in this blog; after having a terrible revelation the day before its creation. Of the many books I’ve read  and loved in my life, I remembered few or nothing. I suddenly realize I wouldn’t be able to discuss about them. That’s why I’m going to leave traces of my readings in this blog, first of all as an aid to myself, hoping it would be interesting or useful to some of you.

There are plenty of books review blogs and sites on the net, there are even good social networks now, so why adding another blog? I believe books to be the time-space travelling machine we’ve been dreaming of. Reading exerts imagination; a good reader will imagine the background of a book, he or she will effectively forget his current location, while sitting on a chair, crouched on the sofa or lying on the bed; at home, at the working place, on the bus, in the metro, and be transported to the place and time of his reading.  That’s what I will try to convey. After reviewing singularly all the books dealing about a particular point in time-space, I am going to write about my experience there, in the best way I can, as if I were a time traveller, on a cruise around the world, moving in present, past and future.


To know about others books I’ve read, look for Temitope Ajileye on Goodreads


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