About Rereading

It’s often said that when you really like a book, you will sooner or later feel the urge to reread it. You’ll certainly remember this quote by a French author

Tell me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are is true enough, but I’d know you better if you told me what you reread.

-Francois Mauriac

It’s easy to agree with Mauriac; there are many reasons that can bring you to read a book; maybe your teacher told you to, or a friend suggested it, you could be into a reading group, the book could be a classic or a best-seller. You could have casually bumped on it. To end this short list you could even be reading it to hit on someone. Many discussions have been made about the probability to like a book, given the reason that brought it into your hands, but that’s not the issue of this post. Instead, rereading a book means you liked not only the plot, when there is, but also the writing and the passages which amaze you as much as the first time you read it.
Now, there’s a number of great books I would reread, but I’ve never felt the urge to do it. After my first academic year (during which I read nearly nothing which didn’t contain a definition or a theorem every two paragraphs) I resumed visiting my local library and saw twenty new books I planned to read. Last week I registered to Goodreads and added 50 books to the to-read shelf while rating the one I’ve read in the last two or three years; new recommendations are coming day after day.
There are simply too many books out there that deserve to be read at list one time, how can I indulge in reading what I have already read? Not that it won’t worth the time, I feel like there’s not enough time. I’m still young though, I can imagine myself rereading something when I’m thirty or forty, but I can’t see myself restarting a book in the near future. I feel like an explorer, in which the desire to discover new worlds continuously overcome the pleasure of staying long in a place , however beautiful could it be.

2 responses to “About Rereading

  • Kristel

    Hmm, I can see your point on why you don’t feel the ‘pull’ to reread anything right now. But from a rereader’s perspective, I would say there are also some very compelling reasons (sometimes) to reread something. 🙂 In my case, I reread to (a) gain inspiration, (b) to ‘reconnect’ with my favorite literary works, (c) for life lessons, and (d) for economical reasons — I won’t buy a new book until I’ve reread something.

    • Temitope.A

      There’s another reason why I don’t reread, which your comment made me remember. 99 % of the books I read are borrowed form the library, and so returned after sometime. I rarely buy reading matters, for economical issues and because there’s little space at home. But in future, when I have a room of my own, I will start buying, and thus I will start rereading 🙂

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