First destination: Interwar America

I believe books to be the time-space travelling machine we’ve been dreaming of. Reading exerts imagination; a good reader will imagine the background of a book, he or she will effectively forget his current location, while sitting on a chair, crouched on the sofa or lying on the bed; at home, at the working place, on the bus, in the metro, and be transported to the place and time of his reading.  That’s what I will try to convey. After reviewing singularly all the books dealing about a particular point in time-space, I am going to write about my experience there, in the best way I can, as if I were a time traveller, on a cruise around the world, moving in present, past and future. (Read more about it here).

Without further delay, let’s begin our voyage. We’ll be visiting on of the most powerful countries existing, economically and culturally, in a moment in history when it set its supremacy. It’s has not always been Twilight and Hunger games in America (nor it is now). Our destination are the twenties and thirties in USA. We’ll travel from the Roaring Twenties to the Great Depression, from the Jazz Age to the New Deal; we’ll meet the Prohibition, the Flapper Generation, the Lost Generation, we’ll talk about the immigrants, from outside and from the east to California. We’ll see the life of the rich and of the poor, the Blacks and the Whites. We’ll read all of this in books published then an now, and hear the voice of some of the greatest American writers of all time. Let’s set sail to America.

Here’s what I’ve read till now, the links are to the individual reviews.

The Buddha in the Attic

The Great Gatsby

Grapes of Wrath

Black Boy

Tobacco Road


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